Intangible Cultural Asset Tenshinshō-den Katori Shintō-ryū


Seminars featuring master instructors Ōtake Nobutoshi Shihan / Kyōsō Shigetoshi Shihan are hosted periodically by Katori Shintō-ryū overseas branch schools. Participation is open to students who live overseas and study at our branch schools. In addition, those who would like to join the school from countries where no branch schools exist may be able to enter the school at a seminar.

Please contact or the Shidōsha organizing the seminar.

September 10-13, 2015

  • Argentina (Buenos Aires)
    Kyoso Shigetoshi Shihan
    (Contact Mario Lorenzo, Shidōsha)

September 5-7, 2015

September 4-6, 2015

  • Turkey (Kadikoy/Istanbul)
    Otake Nobutoshi Shihan
    (Contact Gokhan Seckin, Shidōsha)

May 15-17, 2015

December 2014

October 2014

  • Holland (Amsterdam)
    Ōtake Nobutoshi Shihan
    (Contact Erik Louw, Shidōsha)
  • Italy (Trieste)
    Ōtake Nobutoshi Shihan
    (Contact Luisa Raini, Shidōsha)

September 2014


Katori Shintō-ryū presents the following demonstrations at shrines and other locations to promote classical Japanese martial arts.

September 3, 2014

  • Kashima Shrine: Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture Shikinen Jinkosai (Festival)

April 15-16, 2014

  • Katori Shrine: Katori City, Chiba Prefecture Shikinen Jinkosai (Festival)

Media Coverage

Katori Shintō-ryū was introduced in the following mass media articles/programs:

  • Real Samurai